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Okami: Celestial Brush God by X-babe
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    perswante asked: If you get this, you have to say 5 good things about yourself and pass this on to 10 of your favourite followers yo

    This is a hard and unfair question because I can legit only thing of one good thing to say about myself right now.

    1. My hair is great perfect.

    2. I’m (generally) a nice person.  (But I am also a woman and I can easily be pissed off if you push me around too much, which is something I’m just now learning.  This only happens at work though.)

    3. I know how to pick ‘em.


    4.  I am kind to animals.  I am kinder to animals than I am to some people.  (Then again, I like my cats and dogs more than I like most people.  But doesn’t everyone?)

    5. I am also nice to my Sims, too.  I don’t intentionally kill them by making them go in the pool and taking out the ladder, for example.

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r.i.p. irvine

rest in fucking pieces irvine



    r.i.p. irvine

    rest in fucking pieces irvine

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    Captain America saved the world twice now and all it cost him was two Bucks

  7. purepazaak:

    honestly though if steve rogers isn’t your favorite avenger then i dont know what to do for u

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    Don’t act like you wouldn’t do the same

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    So I saw this at my friends college